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Access W-4 forms for employees

Employees: head to the Documents section of your Gusto account to view your W-4. To update your withholdings, head to change your tax withholdings.

Employers and admins: follow the steps below to view and store your team's W-4s.

View your team's W-4s 

  1. Sign in to your admin account.
  2. Click the People tab.
  3. Click the employee's name.
  4. Click the Documents tab.
  5. Click Form W-4.

Store your team's W-4s

Gusto stores the only most recent version of each employee's Federal W-4. If an employee's personal data or withholding info changes, Gusto automatically updates their W-4 and prompts the employee to sign it. The previous version is not stored.

Employers must keep original Form W-4s on file for 4 years so they can be available for inspection by the IRS upon request. Follow these steps to keep your records compliant:  

  1. Print or save all original W-4s once employee onboarding is complete.
    • If your employee didn't complete their Gusto setup themselves, print the form and have your employee physically sign the document.
    • Save the original forms promptly — if an employee updates their withholdings without your knowledge and you haven't saved the original, the original will be lost. 
  2. Store the original W-4s manually or upload them back into Gusto.

State income tax withholding forms

For state income tax withholding and certain local agencies, employers are required to have their new employees physically sign the state and local version of the Form W-4, and store it for your records.

If an employee requests a change to their state and/or local withholding instructions, have your employee physically re-sign the state/local version of the Form W-4, and store the new document for your records.

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