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Access W-4 forms for employees

Gusto automatically generates and stores the most recent version of the Federal W-4 with the federal withholding tax instructions that was input for each employee added to Gusto.

If an employee or employer updates an employee's personal data (including name or withholding allowances), this data will automatically update on the Federal W-4 we have on file and prompt the employee to re-sign the form.

Important: Employers must keep original Form W-4s on file for 4 years so they can be available for inspection by the IRS at their request. Because Gusto only stores the most recent version, you'll need to:

  • Print all original W-4s once employee onboarding is complete.
    • If your employee did not complete their setup themselves, you may print the form and have your employee physically sign the document.
  • Store them manually or upload them back into Gusto.
    • Print and upload the original Form W-4s shortly after onboarding is complete–in the event an employee updates their withholdings without your knowledge, the original Form W-4 will be lost if you have not printed and stored the original. Gusto will only store the updated version once changes have been made.

Gusto cannot advise or assist with determining tax withholding amounts, but this article contains a variety of resources one can use for W-4 help.

The W-4 shows the employee's selected withholding allowances for federal income taxes. To view a copy of this form:

  1. Click the People tab.
  2. Click the employee's name.
  3. Click the Documents tab.
  4. Click Form W-4.

State income tax withholding 

For state income tax withholding and certain local agencies, employers are required to have their new employees physically sign the state and local version of the Form W-4, and store it for your records.

If an employee requests a change to their state and/or local withholding instructions, have your employee physically re-sign the state/local version of the Form W-4, and store the new document for your records.

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