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Transition payrolls

Transition payrolls are triggered when you make a change to your pay schedule. 

  • These will appear as a to-do item on your Dashboard. 
  • Any transition payrolls MUST be run before your next regular payroll can be processed.
  • Transition payrolls will use the same default settings and tax calculations as your new Regular Payroll schedule .
    • Expect different taxation if you're transitioning from one type of pay period to another (ex. monthly to semimonthly)
  • Benefit deductions will not occur on transition payrolls.
  • A transition payroll will automatically pro-rate for actual days worked for salaried employees.
  • You can skip a transition payroll for one or all employees by following the directions here. If needed, you can always process an off-cycle payroll in place of skipped transition payrolls.
    • Check the advanced settings in the off-cycle payroll to confirm your time based rate, benefit deductions, and more.