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Florida: Change your mailing address with the Department of Revenue

If you did not enter the correct mailing address when you originally registered with the Florida Department of Revenue you can change this information at any time.

  1. Visit the Florida Department of Revenue website.
  2. In the main menu bar click on the Taxes tab.
  3. Click Update Account Information Online, this will take you to the Address Change Application.
  4. Select the Address Change box.
  5. Identify your tax account.
  6. Enter your company's FEIN.
  7. Tax Type.
    • Check the Reemployment Tax, Sales and Use Tax, and Corporate Income Tax boxes under tax type.
    • Change your business name.
      • Leave this field blank as we are only changing the business mailing address.
    • Change your address.
    • Select mailing address as the address type.
    • Enter your mailing address
      • Include the county if your mailing address in is Florida.
    • Change your account status
      • Leave this field blank.
    • Contact information.
      • Enter your information in the required fields.
    • Double check that the required fields have been filled out correctly, and click submit.