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Workers' Compensation with Gusto

Workers' compensation insurance protects and covers your business against injuries, death, and illness that could occur as a direct result of the work done while your employees are on the job.

Your workers' compensation premium is closely tied with your payroll—having access to both in your Gusto account will remove the headaches of working with them separately. AP Intego, our workers' compensation partner, uses your payroll information to calculate the premium amounts, make the necessary payments to carriers, and submits all the paperwork. Below are a few other advantages with signing up for workers' compensation with Gusto:

  • Simple sign up through your Gusto account
  • Instant online estimated quotes viewed through your Gusto account
  • Finalize a policy with electronic signatures
  • Pay-as-you-go payment method, where you pay exact amounts throughout the year based on actual payrolls run through Gusto
  • Reduced audit bills by having payroll information sync directly to your insurance carrier
  • Billing for both workers' compensation and payroll
  • Email notifications reminding you of important dates and to-do items
  • No additional fees for setting up workers' compensation through Gusto

Interested? Get a new policy or transfer your existing policy to get started.

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