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Find your New Jersey tax account info

Income tax withholding

If you've run payroll in the state of NJ before, you can find your Employer Registration Number on any notice you may have received from the New Jersey Division of Revenue. The Division of Revenue uses your FEIN as your Registration Number, but they also have three extra numbers at the end (123456789-000). These are typically '000,' but can sometimes be 001, 002, or some other number. If you don't have any documentation from the Division of Revenue showing the three digit number, you can call the agency at (609) 292-9292 to confirm the correct suffix.

Unemployment tax


Businesses that have run payroll in NJ in the past can find their Final Unemployment Experience Rate (which includes your NJ Unemployment Experience Rate and your Workforce Development Rate) on the Notice of Employer Contribution Rates. If you're unsure of your rate, call the agency at (609) 633-6400. 

  • Please note: There are two different rates, one for the employer and one for the employee. Enter only the employer portion into Gusto.

Your unemployment tax rate generally changes each year, effective July 1st. When you receive a new rate from New Jersey, be sure to update your rate in Gusto with the correct effective date.

Click here to view state-by-state UI rates and wage bases.

Account numbers

Documentation from New Jersey Department of Labor will typically show your account number in the following format: 0-123456789-00000. The nine digits are your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), and the prefix and the suffix are zeros. Because you enter your FEIN when you are entering your federal information, Gusto does not require that you input your New Jersey unemployment insurance account number in our system.

New Jersey local taxes

If you're paying payroll taxes to a local municipality in New Jersey, you should have registered your business in each city where you do business. 

  • Jersey City, NJ
    • Gusto automatically collects Jersey City tax from all applicable employers at the end of each quarter (based on the addresses in Gusto).
      • Gusto does not need an account ID because we use your FEIN to file. 
      • This tax is only calculated on employees that work in Jersey City but do not live in Jersey City.
  • Newark, NJ
    • Click on the Payroll Tax Booklet.

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