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Set up Gusto Time Tracking

You can track, review and approve your team’s hours in Gusto then run payroll as usual — it’s all automatic. This feature is included in Complete or Concierge plans - you can upgrade at anytime. Here's a demo.

Set up Gusto Time Tracking

  1. Navigate to the Time Tracking tab.
  2. Click Get Started.
  3. Gusto will automatically check to see if your pay schedule is set up in arrears, a requirement for this feature.
    • If you need a new pay schedule to use Time Tracking, follow the instructions to contact us so we can assist.
  4. Select which hourly employees will be tracking their time in Gusto by clicking + next to their name.
    • Only hourly employees with one pay rate and a Gusto login are eligible. To give an employee login access, add their email in the People section.
    • Employees and managers will receive Gusto Time Tracking welcome emails.
  5. Click Next.
  6. If you already have Managers set up in Gusto, they’ll be automatically assigned to their direct reports. You can use the drop-down to assign existing managers to employees who do not yet have them. Then click Next.
    • Managers will not see employee compensation.
  7. Set the overtime rules for your state.
    • Overtime laws are based on the state where your employees work. Reference our Help Center for state-by-state overtime laws.
    • Only one set of overtime laws is supported at this time.
  8. Select what day your work week starts on.
    • The start of the work week is used to determine weekly overtime. For example, if you pick Monday, employees will be paid for hours worked Monday through Sunday.
  9. Set rules for changes.
    • Select Yes if you'd like to require employees to leave a note explaining changes made to their hours.
  10. Review the pay period, employees, and overtime rules are accurate in the My Team and Settings tabs.

Gusto Time Tracking is now enabled. Learn how to review, edit and approve hours before syncing them to payroll.

Important: At this time, approving hours is purely a visual-aid for admins to identify hours that are approved by a manager. Unapproved hours will still sync to payroll and it is up to an admin to overwrite/correct hours that are synced.


Q: Will employees and managers be notified about deadlines?

A: Employees will receive an email on the final business day of the pay period reminding them to get their time entered. Managers will receive and email the business day after the pay period ends reminding them to review hours.

Q: Can employees track breaks during their shift?

A: While Gusto doesn't account for time not worked during breaks, employees can indicate they were not working during that time.

  • For example, an employee would have two shifts for the day: 8:00am - 12:00pm, 12:30pm - 5:00pm.

Q: Can I use Gusto Time Tracking and Autopilot together?

A: Gusto recommends not using these features together - allowing time for managers and admins to review and approve hours before processing payroll.

Q: How will Gusto Time Tracking affect an employee’s default hours?

A: Time Tracking will overwrite the default hours with the clocked hours.