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Review, edit, approve, and sync Gusto Time Tracking hours

Using Gusto Time Tracking, admins can review, edit, approve, and sync employees’ reported hours to payroll. Managers with assigned direct reports in Gusto can also help approve hours.

Review, edit, approve and sync time worked

  1. Navigate to the Time Tracking tab.
  2. Confirm the pay period selected is the one for review, or edit from the drop down.
  3. Employees total hours will appear to review. Click view for additional detail about the time reported.
  4. Toggle to approved when hours are confirmed. This can be done in the top right corner of the employee pay period view, or from the main page.
    • View edits made to an employee's hours by scrolling to the bottom of the pay period's hours and clicking the "Version history" drop-down.
  5. Click Sync Hours to Payroll when all hours have been confirmed and approved.
    • You can continue to sync hours until payroll has been run.

When you go to Run Payroll, employee’s synced hours will appear. If you need to edit hours from the Run Payroll screen, you can do so but they will not be updated in the time tracking log for you or the employee.

Important: At this time, approving hours is purely a visual-aid to identify hours have been approved. Unapproved hours will still sync to payroll and it is up to an admin to overwrite/correct hours that are synced.

Did you know?

You can also add contractors to Gusto Time Tracking and sync their hours to contractor payments.

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