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Set up meal breaks for Gusto Time Tracking - Administrators

Several states require that employees be given an unpaid meal break after working a certain number of hours each day. Make sure to check your state laws before creating break rules.

  • Administrators with the required permissions can set up meal breaks.
  • If Time Tracking is not part of your Gusto product plan, you can upgrade at any time.
  • Meal break rules only apply to employees

To set up meal breaks:

  1. Click the Time Tracking tab.
  2. Click the Settings tab at the top of the page.
  3. Click Edit next to "Missing break" alerts.
  4. Toggle to Enabled to flag missing breaks.
  5. Enter the break rules for non-exempt employees based on your state laws.
    • How many minute break;
    • For every [X] hours and minutes worked
  6. Click Save.

You’ll see an alert on employee timesheets when they've reported too many hours worked without a break.

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