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Add tasks to your onboarding checklists

Adding tasks is only available to Complete and Concierge customers—upgrade your plan at any time. We recommend that you customize your onboarding checklist(s) before you hire new teammates so it’s ready to go before they start.  

Add a task

  1. Click the People section and select Hire & onboard.
  2. Click the Tools tab.
  3. On the Onboarding checklist tile, click Start.
  4. Click Customize the checklist.
  5. Click edit next to the checklist you'd like to edit.
  6. Click Add a task.
  7. Fill out the tasks details
    • Task title
    • Description (optional)
    • Assign the task (optional)
      • Tasks can be assigned to full access administrators, administrators with “manage people” permissions, and employees.
      • When an employee is assigned a task, we’ll send an email and they’ll see a dashboard notification letting them know. When an administrator is assigned a task, we’ll send an email and they can review it by clicking the People section and select Hire & onboard
      • If new hires are assigned tasks, they won’t get an email but they will see a dashboard notification after they are added to payroll. 
    • Choose a due date:
      • Before Day 1: any task that needs to be completed before the new employee starts.
      • On Day 1: any task that needs to be completed by the end employee’s first day.
      • After Day 1: any task that can be completed after the employee starts.
  8. Click Add task or Add & create another. 

You can review the status of employee checklists in the Hire & onboard section—Gusto notifications aren’t emailed when tasks are completed. Once all tasks on the checklist are complete, you can complete the checklist and remove them from the Hire & onboard section.

All full access administrators or admins with “manage people” permissions can see all tasks. 

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