Open enrollment (OE)

Open enrollment (OE) is the period of time each year when employees can waive or enroll in coverage, change plans, and add or remove dependents. The only times you can make these changes are at open enrollment or if you experience a qualifying life event, so choose your plans carefully.

If your company offers benefits through Gusto or uses the broker integration, Gusto emails all eligible employees when it’s time to choose coverage in Gusto.

Want help figuring out which plan is best for you? Check out this video where we cover the differences between plan types, common insurance terms, and examples of a few different individuals and the plan that best fits their situation.

Employers & admins: if your benefits are up for renewal, head to our renewal timeline for what to expect. For more guidance on preparing for renewal, check out our blog. If you want to start offering commuter benefits or new ancillary coverage (dental, vision, life, or disability), you can set these up in Gusto anytime.