Complete self-evaluations for performance reviews (as an employee)

Customers with Complete, Concierge, and Select plans have access to the performance review feature—admins can upgrade the plan at any time

How it works

Complete your self-evaluation

Once admins create a review cycle, you’ll receive an email with a request to complete your self-evaluation. You’ll also see a reminder on your Dashboard that takes you to a new Performance section in Gusto. 

  1. Click the Dashboard sticky to take you to the new Performance page in Gusto—you can also go directly to the Performance section of your account.

    • You’ll be able to see current review cycles, and over time, past ones as well. 

  2. Click into the applicable current review cycle.

  3. Enter your response to the prompt(s), and click Submit.

    • Max character limit: 65,000 characters

  4. Confirm your submission by clicking Submit again—once sent, answers cannot be edited or taken back.  

Once you’ve completed your self-evaluation, you’ll be able to view your response in the Performance section by clicking into the specific cycle.

If an admin or reviewer shares the full review (including the reviewer response) in Gusto with you, you’ll be able to see all responses in the same location.

To view your self-evaluation and any full reviews that have been shared:

  1. Head to the Performance section.

  2. Click into a review cycle

  3. Under the “Action” column, click the three-dot menu.

  4. Click View


If you don’t get the answer you were hoping for, we’d like your feedback about how we can improve this feature in the future. 

Q: Can new managers or new reviewers see past reviews that they didn’t complete?

A: Not in Gusto directly. For each specific cycle, Gusto only shares the full review with the initial reviewer and any full-access admin.

If you have a new manager/reviewer, while your past reviews are not accessible in their personal performance dashboards, this does not prevent the initial reviewer or an admin from sharing the previous cycles’ responses outside of Gusto with your new manager/reviewer.