Hire and pay Non-US (international) employees in Canada with Gusto Global powered by Remote

You can now use Gusto to pay employees in Canada—add Non-US employees for $699 per employee per month, and manage them with the rest of your team.  

We partner with Remote to offer this Employer of Record (EOR) service for full-time employment based outside the United States.

Here’s how it works

  1. You add a an employee outside the US in Gusto—this is where you’ll enter the employment details and choose a benefits package. 
    • You can add Non-US employees after you’ve fully onboarded to Gusto, and have processed payroll for at least one US employee.
  2. Your Non-US employee reviews their employment details in Gusto, then manages their personal details and HR tasks with Remote.
    • They’ll sign their employment contract in Gusto, but manage most of their personal details in Remote.
  3. Non-US employees will be paid automatically, twice a month.
  4. You manage expense approvals in Gusto.

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