Hire and pay non-US (international) employees with Gusto Global powered by Remote

You can now use Gusto to pay employees outside the US—add non-US employees for as low as $599 per employee per month, and manage them with the rest of your team.  

We partner with Remote to offer this Employer of Record (EOR) service for full-time employment based outside the United States. Estimate the cost of adding a non-US employee.

Here’s how it works

  1. You add an employee outside the US in Gusto—this is where you’ll enter the employment details and choose a benefits package. 
    • You can add non-US employees after you’ve fully onboarded to Gusto, and have processed payroll for at least one US employee.
  2. Your non-US employee reviews their employment details in Gusto, then manages their personal details and HR tasks with Remote.
    • They’ll sign their employment contract in Gusto, but manage most of their personal details in Remote.
  3. Non-US employees will be paid automatically—how frequently they're paid depends on the country you're paying them in.
  4. You manage expense approvals, time off approvals, and can add additional pay in Gusto.

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