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Print checks for a current payroll

Gusto supports printing on the following type of check stock - both will include the employee’s earning statement:

  • Customized, check on top paper

  • Blank, check on bottom paper

To print checks for a current payroll:

  1. During the final stages of the payroll run, click Print Checks on the Write Checks screen.

  2. Choose your check type.

    • Personalized with Check on Top

      • Select if you have check stock that is pre-printed with your company and bank info.

      • The physical check will always be on the top of the check PDF.

      • Check numbers should already be pre-printed on the customized check stock that was purchased.

      • Gusto recommends purchasing a specific personalized check stock to ensure compatibility with our PDF format.

        • Select Layout t10196

        • When choosing the Check Style in #2, toggle the tab from ‘by Software’ to ‘by Layout’.

    • Blank with Check on Bottom

      • Select if you have blank check stock and need Gusto to populate your company and bank info.

      • The physical check will always be on the bottom of the check PDF.

      • Check numbers are populated by Gusto.

        • Important: Read below for more detail about check number generation.

      • Gusto recommends purchasing a specific blank check stock to ensure compatibility with our PDF format.

        • Scroll to the third option, Check on Bottom.

      • Most common choice for Accountants with multiple companies - this allows the purchase of just one check stock for all clients.

  3. Load your check stock into your printer.

  4. Click Prepare Checks to view the PDF that contains the check information and earnings statement.

    • Save the PDF if using ‘Blank with Check on Bottom’ - check numbers will change if the package is regenerated.

    • Deselect the option for Fit to Page or Scale to Page if it is selected by default to avoid printing issues.

  5. Print this PDF on your check stock.

  6. Sign the checks and deliver them to your employees with their paystubs.

Check Numbers

If you selected “Blank with check on bottom” Gusto will automatically generate check numbers every time Print Checks is clicked in the application.

When a check PDF is downloaded the first check will be populated with check number ‘0001’.  Every subsequent time the PDF is downloaded, Gusto increases the check number by 1.

  • For example: The second time a check is downloaded the number will be ‘0002’.  

Gusto uses this method to avoid printing multiple checks with the same check number.

If there are multiple checks in a PDF the second time the PDF is downloaded the new check numbers start after the last check number of the first downloaded PDF.

  • For example: If the first downloaded package had checks numbered 0001, 0002, 0003, and 0004, then the second downloaded package would show the check numbers 0005, 0006, 0007, and 0008.