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Enable or disable Payroll on AutoPilot®

With Autopilot enabled, payroll will run automatically one day before your payroll deadlines. If you want to run all your payrolls manually, disable Payroll on Autopilot® .

  • Autopilot doesn't support contractor payments. If you need to pay contractors in the future, adjust the check date when paying them.
  • If you have commission-only employees on Autopilot, you will still need to enter their commission before the payroll runs—they're set to a $0 salary so they won't be paid if no commission is entered.  

Enable or disable AutoPilot

  1. Make sure your workers have the following settings:
  2. Click the Payroll section and select Payroll settings.
  3. Next to "Payroll on Autopilot", click edit. 
  4. Toggle to Enabled or Disabled.
  5. Click Save.

Once payroll is processed, you'll receive an email notification.

You have 24 hours to make changes to your payroll or cancel it if needed. Once you make the changes, click Save Changes for Later and your changes will apply to the next payroll.

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