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Pay domestic contractors

Once your domestic contractors have been added to Gusto, pay them by check or direct deposit to a bank account (there is no difference in cost between the two)—not a prepaid debit card—using the steps below.

If you're using Gusto Time Tracking for contractors, learn how to sync their hours here. If you're looking to pay international contractors, follow these steps.

  1. Click the Payroll section and select Pay contractors.
  2. Select the pay date.
    • The default date shows the earliest pay day for direct deposits.
      • Payrolls and contractor payments paid via direct deposit have the same processing timeline. If you need to pay your team sooner, you can pay with a physical check and distribute externally.
      • Paying on autopilot is not available for contractor payments. 
    • A note on pay dates:
      • If you choose the default date or any time after that, you can pay by direct deposit or check. 
      • If you select a date before the default date, you can pay by check only.
      • If the payment has already been made and you’re entering it for tax reporting purposes, you’ll want to record it as a “Historical Payment”, which you can do in the next step. 
  3. Click +Enter payment to submit wages, reimbursements (if applicable).
    • If you need to change the payment method, click the current payment method under the column “Payment type” and it will toggle between check, direct deposit, and historical (to be used for reporting purposes).
    • (optional) Click Add Memo to leave a small message on the payment.
  4. Click Continue to review the payment.
  5. Verify the total amount and click Submit payments, or Go back if you need to make changes.
    • If your payments need to be made by check, you’ll be taken to a page that confirms the amount you need to pay the contractor. Once you’ve written the check, click Finish Payment.

Click here to edit or cancel the payment after you've run it. 


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