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Advanced settings for off-cycle

When running an off-cycle payroll, you can change the default withholding settings to suit your needs in the Advanced Settings section. To access this, click on Advanced Settings, which is directly below the check date when you process your off-cycle payroll.

  • It is strongly recommended that a work period is included for all off-cycle payrolls. Off-Cycle payrolls without an associated time period, can lead to incorrect filings and payments. 

See the table below for available options and descriptions of each setting. 


Description and Implications

Tax Withholding Rate

  • Supplemental wage fixed rate of 22%.
    • We will withhold income taxes at a fixed rate of 22%.
  • Time based rate of:
    • Every week, Every other week, Twice per month, Monthly, Quarterly, Semiannually, Annually.
    • We will withhold taxes as if your employee is making the given amount of wages during the chosen time period. For example, if you pick quarterly, we will assume the employee makes the given amount of wages every quarter and tax accordingly.

Work Period

  • No, don’t show a work period on the paystub.
    • We won't show any work timeframe on the paystub.
  • Yes let me select a date range.
    • First day of work, Last day of work.
    • We will show the selected work period on the paystub.

Deductions and Contributions

  • Block all deductions and contributions.
    • We won't make any benefit deductions or contributions.
      • ImportantWe are unable to turn off 401(k) deductions and contributions due to the requirements of most plans.
  • Make all the regular payroll deductions and contributions.
    • We will make all your normal benefit deductions and contributions.

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