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Duplicate or multiple child support orders

If you receive duplicate child support garnishment orders orders (the same child) for an employee there may be additional steps required before taking any action in your Gusto account.  

Employers that receive a duplicate withholding order must:

  • Continue to honor the first order received
  • Give a copy of the second order to the employee
  • Contact the agency or court that sent the second withholding order to advise that current support payments are already being sent for the same child to another jurisdiction and to provide the payment information and details.
  • Contact the agency or court that sent the first withholding order to inform them of the second order.
  • Confirm if any any additional action is required 

Multiple garnishment orders

You may receive multiple orders pertaining to income withholding for an employee.  If so, it is important to note that income withholding orders are not to be paid on a first-come, first-served basis.

If there is insufficient allowable disposable income to pay the full amount on all orders, employers must follow the allocation method of the employee's work state, or principal state of employment, to determine how much to pay on each order. A majority of states give priority to current child support orders but regulations may vary.  

For specific questions about multiple garnishment orders received and how to allocate disposable income appropriately, please reach out to the agency in the employee’s work state.


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