Run a dismissal payroll

There are a few things to keep in mind when processing a dismissal payroll—make sure the employee is properly dismissed first. Use the dropdowns below to understand how to process the dismissal payroll.

For an overview of dismissal payrolls, and the compliance regulations behind them, like final pay and PTO, head to this article.

Keep in mind, dismissals can’t be reversed, so make sure that you want to end the employee's employment and remove them from future payrolls.

To dismiss a contractor, head to this article instead.

Pay a dismissed employee

When you dismiss an employee, there's an option to pay them severance in a dismissal payroll. If you still need to pay severance, or pay another type of earning, you can process an off-cycle payroll to submit this payment for a dismissed employee:

  1. Click the People section and select Team members
  2. Click Show dismissed people.
  3. Choose the employee.
  4. Under Additional Payrolls on the right-hand side, click Run off-cycle payroll.
  5. Click +Other Earnings.
  6. Add the severance amount in the Severance field.
  7. Click Add Personal Note to include a message about severance on your employee's paystub.
  8. Click Save & Continue.
  9. Click Submit Payroll.