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Waive coverage

If your company's benefits are managed by Gusto and you do not want to participate, you can waive coverage in your Gusto employee account. Click on the Benefits tab to get started and follow these steps: 

  1. The first page will ask you who is covered. Since you are waiving coverage, you can click Save & Continue to bypass this step. If you're only waiving some benefits but you are enrolling in others and you have dependents, enter their information here.
  2. You'll need either enroll in or waive coverage for each benefit offered. Click Enroll or Waive to decide.
  3. Click Waive on each benefit that you do not want to enroll in. 
  4. Click Save & Continue when you've finished with each benefit.
  5. The next page will ask for some additional information. Answer to the best of your ability and click Save & Continue.
  6. Complete your waiver by clicking Sign Form for each selection. Then click Confirm Enrollment.