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Access W-2 forms

Employers and accountants: head to this article to learn aboout downloading and distributing these forms.

If you’re an employee, we'll email you in mid-to-late January when your W-2 is available in Gusto. You’ll always have access to your forms, including Form W-2, as long as you have an email address connected to your Gusto account. 

View, print, or download your Form W-2

  1. Sign in to your employee profile in Gusto.
    • Not sure how to sign in? If you don't know your credentials or you're no longer at the company, head to troubleshoot signing in.
  2. Go to the Documents section. 
  3. Click on Form W-2: 20XX.
  4. View, download, or print your Form W-2 for your records.
    • To print the W-2: first download the form to your desktop, then print.

If you're looking for a previous year's W-2 and can't find it in the Documents section of your account, reach out to your employer. To correct your W-2, contact us from the Help section of your account.

Check out how to read a W-2 to learn more about what each field represents.

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