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Run a report

Download different reports regarding your team, payroll, taxes, and more:

  1. Click the Reports tab.
  2. Under the Summary Reports tab, select one of the reports from the table below.
  3. (if applicable) Use the check boxes to select any additional detail you would like to include:
    • Detailed employee info, employee earnings breakdown, employer tax breakdown, employee tax breakdown, deductions and contributions, and/or detailed totals.

Customizable fields

  1. Date Range and Year.
    • Annually, Quarterly, Monthly, or a Custom Date Range.
      • Note: Range is based on check dates rather than pay periods or processing dates.
  2. (if applicable) Choose how you'd like to group the data.
    • By employee, state, work location, or department.
  3. Click Generate Report.
  4. Download the report as a CSV or PDF. After you've downloaded it, you can print it for your records.