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Add independent contractors

Add your independent domestic contractors' basic information, invite them to self-onboard, send new hire documents (like contracts) for them to sign, and get ready to pay your team with ease.

For a list of the type of contractors that Gusto supports, reference this article

Follow these steps to add independent domestic contractors: 

  1. Go to the Hiring section.
  2. ​Click Hire a new person.
  3. Click the Contractor tile. 
  4. Select if this is an Individual or Business contractor type.
  5. Enter the contractor's details such as name and start date.
    • If you elected Individual as the contractor type, you may be asked to answer additional questions about new hire reporting and their primary work state.
  6. Select their wage type–hourly rate or fixed dollar amount.
  7. Enter your contractor's personal email. Use an existing address that’s not associated with your company. 
    • This allows them to view their payments and download their annual 1099 tax form.
  8. At the bottom, select the checkbox to invite this contractor to enter their own details in Gusto.
    • If you wish to enter all of their information yourself, uncheck that box. Proceed with entering their SSN/EIN, address, and payment info directly as it was provided to you on the W-9.
  9. Click Save & continue.
  10. Select the onboarding documents you need the contractor to sign or acknowledge. Choose from:
    • Individual documents: something for a single recipient, like a contract agreement. 
    • Team documents: something applicable to many recipients, like an employment handbook.
    • Gusto will also automatically send a W9 to your contractor to complete electronically. 
      • If they have trouble completing this form, you can direct them to this article.
  11. Click Save & continue.
  12. Click Go to [contractor's name] checklist.

Your contractor will receive an email requesting them to add their SSN/TIN (for an individual) or EIN (for a business), home address, and payment information for a direct deposit or check. Once completed, you'll be notified and can start paying them through Gusto.

To view the contractor's checklist later, follow these steps. If you're on the Complete or Concierge plan, you can add custom tasks to your onboarding checklists.

Important: You're required to keep a copy of the W-9 that the contractor provided if they do not complete the electronic version provided by Gusto

Contractor Forms

Gusto will provide electronic copies of 1099-MISC to your domestic contractors, and will file your 1099-MISC forms to federal and state agencies (if applicable) at the end of the year.  

We do not currently support: 

Payroll, benefits, HR and more.