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Cancel or adjust a contractor payment

Certain contractor payments can be cancelled or adjusted in Gusto without having to contact us for help. If you’re looking to adjust a payroll instead, click here

Cancel or adjust a contractor payment

  1. Go to Reports.
  2. Click the Contractor payment history tab.
    • Under the pay day, if a payment can still be cancelled or adjusted, they'll be a tag letting you know. 
  3. Click View details under the "Actions" column.
    • If the tag does not appear: contact us to assist with next steps. 
  4. Choose the option available–the cancel option is not available once the payment has processed.
    • Cancel the payment:
      • Scroll down to the contractor name, click X cancel payment, and then click Cancel Payment to confirm.
    • Adjust the payment:
      • Under the “Adjustments” section, click Make an adjustment. Then, tell us what you need to adjust. Based on your selection, we’ll let you know the next steps required to adjust the payment.

Contractor payment reversals–general info

  • Reversing before the check date
    • We’ll return the funds to your bank account within a few business days. 
  • Reversing within 5 days of the check date passing
    • First, we’ll need to reverse the direct deposit payments out of the contractor’s bank account, then we’ll return the funds to you. 
    • You’ll need to recover any payments made by check yourself.
  • Reversing after 5 days past the check date
    • We’ll correct the reporting, but you’ll need to recoup all funds (direct deposited or issued by check)–banking regulations prevent Gusto from recovering the funds on your behalf.

Troubleshooting a wrong bank account

Bank error received

Have your contractor update their bank account information– you can also do this on their behalf in their contractor profile found in the People section. Once updated, they should receive their funds within 1-3 business days.

No bank error

If the transaction went through but landed in the wrong bank account, reverse the payment. Make sure your contractor updates their bank details, and then reprocess the payment. 

If Gusto is unable to retrieve the funds from the incorrect bank account, you’ll need to call the bank with the funds directly to address the issue.

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