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Add a historical contractor payment

If you paid a domestic contractor outside of Gusto, add this payment to your account so the total amount is accurate on the contractor's 1099. For each month a historical payment is entered in, you'll be charged your standard monthly contractor fee. 

If you're entering historical payments at the end of the year, you can enter all payments in the same month–this way you'll only pay one month's fee per contractor for all of their historical payments.

First, add the domestic contractor in Gusto, then follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Pay Contractors tab.
  2. Click the pay date and select the actual date you paid your contractor.
  3. Under Payment, click the contractor's payment method (Check or Direct Deposit) until it updates to Historical Payment.
  4. Enter the number of worked hours, wages, or other additional earnings that were paid.
  5. Click Memo to leave a small message on your contractor's payment.
  6. Click Save & Continue.
  7. Verify the total amount and click Submit Payment.

The payments will be added for reporting purposes only.

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