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Types of administrators

An admin’s permissions dictate what they are able to see and do in Gusto, and which emails they receive.

  1. Primary Admin

    • Only the Primary Admin can add or remove or edit permissions of other admins

  2. Full Access Admin

    • Has access to everything a Primary Admin can do except add/remove/edit other admins

  3. Signatory

    • Signatories have permission over signing documents.

  4. Limited Access Admin (Complete or Concierge only)

    • Abilities depend on permissions given.

  5. HR Resource Center Admin (Concierge only)

    • By default this will be the Primary admin, but the Primary can switch it to another admin.

Additional detail about access for each admin type can be found below.

Full Access Admin

Selecting all limited permissions is not the same thing as granting an admin full access to Gusto.

The following parts of the app are only accessible to full access admins:

  • Company onboarding

  • HR Setup

  • Bank account management

  • Plan & Billing

  • Payroll suspension

  • Third party integrations

  • Real Time R&D tax credit topping under Settings

  • Assurance related information

  • Company signatory

Pro-tip: Full access admins typically manage sensitive company-level settings and tasks.

Limited Permissions Admin (Complete or Concierge only)

Reference the table below for individual permission descriptions. These permissions will apply to all employees in Gusto, it cannot be limited to specific employee groups or locations.

Permission NameDescription
Pay peopleAllow your admin to pay employees and contractors, view pay reports, edit pay schedules, and turn on/off Payroll on Autopilot®.
View payroll reports and tax filingsAllow your admin to view a wide range of financial reports as well as your company's payroll history, contractor payment history, and tax and compliance documents.
Manage accounting integrationsAllow your admin to set up and manage accounting integrations, such as Quickbooks and Xero.
Manage peopleAllow your admin to add and dismiss people, view and edit their private data including compensation information, create and send offer letters, manage employee documents, and approve new hires.
Manage PTOAllow your admin to set up and manage paid time off policies, review and approve employee hours and time off requests, and sync hours to payroll.
Manage Team InsightsAllow your admin to set up employee surveys and view the results.
Manage benefitsAllow your admin to set up and manage all company benefits including health insurance, 401k, and others.

HR Resource Center Admin (Concierge only) 

This type of admin has access to:

  • HR Resource Center

  • Speak to HR Pros