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Gusto integrations overview

Gusto integrates with your favorite software to make running your business easier. Use the links below to get more details on setting up our third party integrations. 



Flow of information

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Gusto to Freshbooks Here


Gusto to Xero  Here

QuickBooks Online

Gusto to Quickbooks  Here

QuickBooks Desktop

Gusto to Quickbooks  Here
Aplos Gusto to Aplos Here
Zipbooks Both ways Here
Autobooks Gusto to Autobooks Here
Synder Gusto to Synder Here
Ardius Gusto to Ardius Here
Clarus R+D Gusto to Clarus Here
Boast.AI Gusto to Boast.AI Here
Collective Gusto to Collective Here
Bookkeeper Gusto to Bookkeeper Here
TaxTaker Gusto to TaxTaker Here
Formations Gusto to Formations Here
AccountingSuite Gusto to AccountingSuite Here
ZarMoney Gusto to ZarMoney Here Gusto to Here

Time Tracking

Integration Flow of information More info


TSheets to Gusto Here
WhenIWork  WhenIWork to Gusto Here


Deputy to Gusto Here


Ximble to Gusto Here


Boomr to Gusto Here


eBillity to Gusto Here


Homebase to Gusto Here
ClockShark ClockShark to Gusto Here
OnTheClock OnTheClock to Gusto Here
Timeero Timeero to Gusto Here
allGeo Both ways Here
Sling Both ways Here
AttendanceBot AttendanceBot to Gusto Here
Tinq Both ways  Here
Workforce Both ways Here
WorkforceHub Both ways Here

Expense Management


Flow of information

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Dext Prepare

Dext Prepare to Gusto Here
Expensify Gusto to Expensify


Business Operations

Integration Flow of information More info
15Five Gusto to 15Five Here
Accelo Gusto to Accelo Here
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Gusto to AWS Here
ApplicantPro ApplicantPro to Gusto Here
Bonusly Gusto to Bonusly Here
Brandly Gusto to Brandly Here
Breezy HR Breezy HR to Gusto Here
Brex Gusto to Brex Here
Buildertrend Buildertrend to Gusto Here
Calculate Calculate to Gusto Here
Capbase Capbase to Gusto Here
ChartHop Gusto to ChartHop Here
Checkeeper Gusto to Checkeeper Here
ClienTrak! ClieTrak! to Gusto Here
Dataddo Gusto to Dataddo Here Both ways Here
Dolce Both ways Here
Drata Gusto to Drata Here
EasyLlama Gusto to EasyLlama Here
Empuls Gusto to Empuls Here
Ethena Gusto to Ethena Here
GoalSpan Gusto to GoalSpan Here
Greenhouse Greenhouse to Gusto Here
Housecall Pro Housecall Pro to Gusto Here
Hubstaff Hubstaff to Gusto Here
JazzHR JazzHR to Gusto Here
KeldairHR KeldairHR to Gusto Here
Kinderlime (ProCare) Kinderlime to Gusto Here
Lattice Gusto to Lattice Here
Lever  Lever to Gusto Here
Mosaic Gusto to Mosaic Here Gusto to Here
Online Check Writer Gusto to Online Check Writer Here
Peoplelogic Gusto to Peoplelogic Here
PerformYard Gusto to PerformYard Here
Puzzle Financial Gusto to Puzzle Financial Here
Sapling Sapling to Gusto Here
Secureframe Gusto to Secureframe Here
Shopify Shopify to Gusto Here
SINC Both ways Here
Trainual Gusto to Trainual Here
Traliant Gusto to Traliant Here
Pave Gusto to Pave Here
Truework Gusto to Truework Here
Vagaro Vagaro to Gusto Here
Vanta Gusto to Vanta Here
Veryfi Veryfi to Gusto Here
VGS Control (by Very Good Security) Gusto to VGS Control Here
WizeHire WizeHire to Gusto Here
Workiz Both ways Here
Workyard Both ways Here
YearEnd Gusto to YearEnd Here

Point of Sale

Integration Flow of information More info
Clover Both ways Here
SpotOn SpotOn to Gusto Here
Upserve Upserve to Gusto Here


Payroll, benefits, HR and more.