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Add a company work address

A company location can be any address where your employees work or live (for remote working employees), your government filing address, or your government mailing address. If you've added a new company location, you should enter it in to your Gusto account by following the instruction below. 

  • Important: Before updating a company location in Gusto, be sure to notify the IRS and the state government–this is usually accomplished by registering the business in the new state. If you do not properly notify the IRS and/or state agency prior to the update in Gusto, it may result in failed payments or filings.

Add a work address

  1. Navigate to the Company section and click Company details.
  2. Under Locations, click Manage Addresses.
  3. Click Add New Company Location.
  4. Enter the new work address
  5. Select if this is a work location.
  6. Click Save.

Before paying your employees, make sure each of their individual employee profiles now reflects the appropriate work address (new or old).

Gusto will file tax returns for the newly added location after you pay an employee at that location.

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