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Pay your international contractors

Once you’ve hired an international contractor, you pay them in Gusto much like you would a domestic contractor. 

  1. Go to the Pay contractors section of your account.
  2. Click Enter details on the "International Contractors" tile.
  3. Click Enter Payment next to the contractor(s) you’d like to pay.
    • Not required if you have only one international contractor.
  4. Enter their wages.
    • Gusto will default to showing wages in American dollars.
    • Click the circle icon next to the wage box to toggle to Canadian dollars
      • This is for viewing purposes only–payment will always be made in Canadian dollars. 
  5. Review the “Recipient receives” column to see what the contractors will be paid.
    • If you entered wages in Canadian dollars, this column will also show you what you’ll pay in American dollars.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Review the summary, what your company pays, and transaction fees and then click Submit payments.

Your payment has been processed and contractors will receive their payment(s) the next business day. We’ll send an email on payday to your contractor confirming they’ve been paid, but we also recommend letting your contractors know when to expect the payment(s).

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