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Hire an international contractor

If you’re a Gusto customer using faster payments (next-day or 2-day processing timelines), you can now pay your Canadian contractors using Gusto. Here’s what to expect:

  • Your payments all in one place -condense the number of systems you use to pay your team.

  • Lightning fast payment speeds- international contractor payments are processed on a next business day timeline (even if you use 2-day payroll). 

  • Transparent pricing - The standard per-contractor cost in the months they’re paid [Core = $6, Complete + Concierge = $12], a $10 transaction fee per payment, and competitive foreign exchange rates.

  • Help with compliance - Contractors are required to fill out Form W-8 BEN/ W-8 BEN(E) to help you stay compliant.

Important reminder

Gusto can not withhold taxes, and will not be creating or filing any tax forms related to these payments. At the end of the year, contractors should reach out to you, their employer, for any tax forms needed. 

Here’s how to bring your international contractor on board:

  1. Go to the Hiring section of your account.

  2. Click +Hire a new person.

  3. Click the International contractor tile.

    • If it’s your first time hiring an international contractor, learn about how it works and agree to the terms by checking the checkbox. Then click Invite contractor in Canada.

  4. Select if this is an Individual or Business contractor type.

  5. Enter any additional information asked for, like first and last name or business name.

  6. Enter a hire date.

  7. Select the wage type "Flat payments"–we currently only support flat (not hourly) payments for international contractors.

  8. Enter the contractor’s email address–we’ll invite them to self onboard and enter their personal information.

    • Use an existing personal email address that’s not associated with your company. 

  9. Click Invite your Canadian contractor.

The contractor will receive an email from Gusto asking them to complete their setup, they must finish setting up their Gusto account before you can pay them.

International contractors will not have access to a Gusto online account–when paying international contractors, please inform them so they know when to expect payment(s). On payday, Gusto will send an email letting your international contractor know that they were paid.

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