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Hire new employees

There are two ways to hire employees: with and without extending an offer first. If you're adding employees for the first time while setting up your account, reference this article. 

If you have benefits with Gusto, we'll send the new employee an email to get them started with benefits and they'll be able to enroll through their Gusto account once you've hired them. 

  1. Go the Hiring section.
  2. Click Hire a new person.
  3. Click the Employee tile, then click Continue. 
  4. Enter in your employee's basic information and click Save & continue.
    • Full name
    • Work address
    • Personal email address

If you chose to send an offer to the employee, they'll need to accept it before you can add them to payroll. If not, you'll see the new employee's onboarding checklist on the next page. To continue bringing them onboard, click Start next to the "Add to payroll" task. 

To continue creating an offer, follow these steps:

  1. Enter job and pay details and click Save & continue.
    • Select and offer letter template and expiration date
    • Start date
    • Job title 
    • Assign a manager (if applicable)
    • Employment status (full-time or part-time)
    • Employee type (salary, hourly, etc)
    • Amount of money they'll earn
    • Any special tax exemption status (if applicable).
  2. Review the offer letter. Click Edit letter if you need to make changes. When you're ready, click Save & continue.
  3. Review the onboarding timeline for your new employee and click Send offer. On the next page, you'll see their onboarding checklist to review and complete other tasks as needed.

Your offer has now been sent. You can view, update, or rescind an offer from your Gusto account. The employee will receive an email with a link to view their job offer, which they can review and e-sign to accept. If you've rescinded the offer, you can review the initial offer but must enter the information again into an existing template or create a new one and resend. 

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