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Hire new employees

Follow the steps below to hire an employee. If you're adding employees for the first time while setting up your account, reference this article. 

If you have benefits with Gusto, we'll send the new employee an email to get them started with benefits, which they'll be able to enroll in through their employee account once you've followed the steps listed below. 

Step 1. Add your employee’s details


  1. Go the Hiring section.
  2. Click Hire a new person.
  3. Click the Employee tile.
  4. Enter in your employee’s basic information:
    • Full name
    • Start date (you can't edit the start date once you've run payroll for this employee).
    • Department (if enabled).
    • Manager (user must have a Gusto employee account and email address to be a manager)
    • Work address
    • Email address
  5. Employee self-onboarding:
    • Check the box Invite this employee to enter their own details online if you want them to self-onboard. Once they're done, you'll be notified so you can approve the details and get them on payroll. 
    • Uncheck the box if you want to enter all of your employee’s personal, tax, and payment details to bring them on board. 
    • Make sure to complete Form I-9.


  1. Optional: Enter the employee's title
  2. Classify your employee's compensation type.
  3. Enter the amount of money they'll earn. 
  4. Select the frequency of payment.
  5. Click Save & Continue 

Step 2. Onboarding Documents

  1. Review the following documents that we’ll ask your employee to sign within their Gusto account:
    • Form W-4: Employee Tax Withholding
    • Employee Direct Deposit Authorization
  2. Select whether you want your employee to fill out Form I-9: Employee Eligibility Verification in Gusto. This will be available for new employees whose start date hasn’t already passed. If the employee did not self-onboard, you'll need to complete Form I-9 outside of Gusto.
  3. Click Save and Continue.

Step 3. Select your employee welcome options

  1. Select if you want your new employee to receive an email reminder to bring their I-9 materials and a welcome note the day before they start work.
  2. Select if you want the rest of your team to sign a digital card for their new teammate that we'll send on their first day of work.
    • Click Edit to choose who you'd like to sign the card.
    • Click Preview card to see what it'll look like before you send it. 
  3. Click Save and Continue.
  4. If your employee’s start date is in the past, we won’t ask you to select any welcome options since your employee has already began working.

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